AlwaysUp 10.0

Run applications, batch files, and Java programs as Windows Service
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AlwaysUp is an automation/maintenance tool for Windows. It is actually hard to classify this application into a particular category. AlwaysUp allows you to add applications as Windows Services so you can rest assured that they will start up when you boot your system. But it goes a step beyond that and it actually prevents those applications that you add to ever stop. Let's use the application "Notepad" as an example here. If you add Notepad to the list of "protected" applications, and then start it via AlwaysUp, whenever you close Notepad or the system does, AlwaysUp will open it again. You can even define specific behaviors for AlwaysUp to watch for. A particularly interesting one is memory use or response times. If an application hangs for more than X seconds or uses more than X memory, AlwaysUp can restart it. This is an ideal solution for web servers, which are known to crash regularly. The application also has an e-mail client which can send you reports about your application. So, if Notepad crashes and AlwaysUp had to restart it, you can have it tell you via e-mail. This feature comes in handy when you TOTALLY need to do something after an application restarts, like set settings or permissions.

José Fernández
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